The goal of chapel is to teach children that they are special in God’s eyes. We emphasize kindness, love and respect for others in chapel programs, held from November through May in the Haygood chapel. Community chapel for Thanksgiving and Christmas are held in the Haygood sanctuary as friends and families are encouraged to attend.

Each 20-minute program is designed for children ages 3 years and older and include a story/lesson, singing, recognition of birthdays and prayer. Chapels are inclusive and acknowledge children, parents, teachers and neighbors from all faiths, races and nationalities in an atmosphere that is warm, loving and relaxed.

Pre-K classes attend Chapel on Thursday at 10:55 am.
3 year olds, 4 year olds, and kindergarteners attend on Friday at 9:15 am.

11/7 & 8 God is Good, God is Great, Let’s Praise God and Celebrate
Psalm 8:1-9
11/20 & 21 Thanksgiving Chapel practice Sanctuary Practice
11/22 Thank you, God
Genesis 1:31
11am Sanctuary
12/5 & 6 The Christmas Story Chapel
12/18 9:00 am, Young 4’s – Christmas Pageant
10:00 am, Preschool 3’s – Christmas Pageant
11:00 am,  Preschool Pre-K – Christmas Pageant
12/20 11:00 am,  CDC 3’s/4’s/Pre-K Christmas Pageant
12:00 pm, Kindergarten Christmas Carols
1/16 & 17 Tell of the Wonderful Things
Psalm 9:1
3/13 & 14 Learning to Pray
Psalm 5:2
4/24 & 25 Easter Day Poem by Joyce Riffe Moulder Outdoor Classroom